Day – whatever it is, I lost the track

It’s Friday night, just came “home”, listening to Edit Piaf that my brother has posted on FB and I guess it’s right time to write after some time of being “silent”.

The working week is over, and I can only repeat, that this program is very very intense experience I’m getting. I have felt desperately, happy, excited, melancholic, self confident, unsure. Our project is in progress, starting on Monday- we are going to deliver workshop around developing applications on cloud and big data for around 80 students and developers. So now, you can guess why I’m kind of distant from my comfort zone 🙂 We work on Strathmore university I described in my previous post, it’s pretty cool campus. We have a lot work to do, but don’t worry, it’s not me delivering those technical sessions, we have experts from IBM for that. We mainly cooperate with the iLab Africa, that is a research center within university.

So our everyday routine is wake up at 5:45, get dressed, get breakfast, spend 30-40 minutes in traffic, get to university, do business, get the taxi from university, spend 1 hour in traffic, get home, go to gym (no running or walking outside area allowed) get dinner, talk to team, work a bit get sleep 🙂 But there are those moments when you meet dean of faculty at the cafe and spent 15 minutes talking about Kenya, when you talk to female students of IT faculty and their dream job is being a coder. When you meet a Bernard, the research assistant at the university, who is by far the best and nicest guy to work with. When you are waiting for taxi and little cute kids are passing by in their school uniform and they laugh at you because you are white and when you say “jumbo” they laugh even more and shout at you something (cheeky) in Swahili. When your colleagues from 11 different countries bring you presents and prepare caipirinha for you.

I’m getting a bit pathetic, so back to facts 🙂 My closest colleagues are Dominic – I very much enjoy working with him, he is calm person, very smart, great sense of humor and has a little teddy bear called Oliver who travels with him (and has his own blog-it’s for his daughter’s school) – I learn a lot from him. And the other colleague is HS from Singapore. Our culture is different and I sometimes struggle to understand what he is saying, but he is very bright guy. And one picture of us looking of course very professional 🙂 And that’s it for today, weekend is coming, so let’s see what it brings 🙂



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