Weekend’s over

Right, one week over, another one just started. Times flies really quickly.

Weekend was good, majority of group went on safari to national park Amboseli. I didn’t, we have another 2 visits of national parks planned and I wanted to allow myself just do what I want (not exactly what I want, everything has to be approved by our security guy) and get the flavor of Kenya. Together with me, Mariana and Tiago stayed in Nairobi – both of them Brazilians, very nice Brazilians and Luke – American boy who broke the American stereotype in my head, because he is quite adventurous and likes the off touristic places.

On Saturday morning, right after breakfast we set off to countryside 🙂 Plan was to visit the tea farm not far from Nairobi. It took us some time to get there, although it was only 30 kms far away and not too much traffic, we spent 2 hours on the way, because we got lost 🙂 But the view was worthy, tea fields all around us, everything green and when you open the window of your car you smell the fresh air after light shower. And pieace, only from time to time a local farmer on bicycle with a huge load and people picking the tea leaves with huge baskets on their backs spread all over the fields. We arrived to Kiambethu farm that was established by British family long time ago, when rail was built in Kenya. It is still owned by British lady-grandchild of the original owner, however the land they own is now much smaller. She welcomed us with cup of tea, milk directly from cow and homemade biscuits. Beautiful house in colonial style. Fiona explains everything about history and tea production. Then we were taken outside for a tour to look around garden, forest and of course tea plantation. The view was really beautiful and after we came back, Fiona awaits us with delicious lunch and homemade ice cream and whipped lemon cream, you can imagine, everything was served with British manners and a bit posh 🙂 We are heading back to Nairobi, we made a stop at the Masai market where we would like to buy some souvenirs. However as soon as we stepped in, there is at least 6 guys around us, touching us and wanting to guide us and talking to us. I got really nervous and there was no chance to get rid of them, they were following every step we made and wanted to sell us everything we looked at. We had to run away from there, not a place for me.

On Saturday night, we decided to get to know Kenyan culture from a bit different point of view – clubbing 🙂 When you imagine those videoclips where black ladies dance with black guys, that was exactly it 🙂 I danced whole night and seeing my Brazilian colleagues and all Africans around me, I realize how boring we- Europeans are 🙂 We don’t have that passion they have. For a while, me and Mariana felt like attractions – guys coming to dance with us and always wanted to take pictures of us. But the way they move, they can really enjoy themselves! Nevertheless, being decent, boring European girl, I decided 3 am is the right time to go home to bed 🙂

Sunday was just sleep in and preparing for the start of the workshop. Monday was difficult day, but we managed. It’s great to have colleagues from which you can learn, now it seems to me impossible to live without deeper knowledge of IT, I have to admit, their world is quite appealing to me 🙂 But at least I can be their tester of ideas, if Maria understands, everybody can understand. But I’m still not getting their nerdy jokes 🙂 Lot of work tomorrow. Lot of thoughts. Looking forward.

For a while I thought about how it’s gonna be back in Bratislava, I guess very difficult to adapt back. But as one of my friends keeps telling me, stop over-thinking and just enjoy yourself. I’m gonna do that 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Weekend’s over

  1. Hi decent boring European girl :-).
    The whole team is reading your posts, it is nice to read all the stories as well as to see some pictures.
    Keep up the good work and your colleague is right, you should ejoy every day!

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