Week’s over

Another week’s gone. I think it’s time to write more about me and IT, because I believe many of you think this is the most scandalous part of my assignment. We are responsible for delivery of 2 week workshop on cloud computing, specifically BlueMix and helping student to develop their ideas and possibly start new business in IT. I’m actually working with highly skilled people, or let’s call them geeks, who actually teach students. My role is more about organizing, I help with the group exercises, soft skills development and as well I’m the only girl in the organizational team – non IT- so you can imagine, there is a lot of fun made of me. I don’t understand majority of their jokes or I just don’t find them funny enough, which makes me boring nerd or slow thinker in their eyes 🙂 But I have to say,  IT world is slowly becoming very fascinating for me, I’m getting so many new perspectives. And majority people I work with are actually not the typical IT guys as you would imagine them. They take showers quite frequently, they dress quite smart and they are very good speakers. And they are surprisingly made of bones, muscles (little bit of fat) and blood and truly wonderful soul 🙂

Today, we went for visit to Jacaranda school for disabled children. I had so much fun, kids were amazing. Imagine 9 year old boy dancing electric boogie for me, I fell in love with him, he is the cutest creature ever! Their laugh and happiness is so infectious. I was more then happy to make fool out of myself to entertain them. Aaaand, we lost volleyball match with them, so now tell me, who is more disabled!

Today only really short post, did I ever mention, that I truly believe that everything happens for a reason?



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