Kenya keeps us busy!

Time for new blog post. I’d rather be quick, because I have to wake up 5:45 in the morning, as every morning. No complains. Coffee keeps me alive 🙂 Surprisingly, although Kenya is a big exporter of coffee, it is not the common hot drink here. There are only a few places (comparing to Europe) where you find good coffee and espresso machine, they usually drink tea with milk (obviously heritage from the British influence) or crappy instant coffee, however at our university, we are lucky.

Another weekend’s gone. This time spent in the nature. On Saturday, leaving at 6 am, a bit of a rush in the morning, as I fell asleep and woke up at 5:47 🙂 Cycling in national park Hell’s gate was very enjoyable, not sure when I have opportunity to cycle with giraffes, zebras, pumbas next time. After that, we spend Saturday afternoon and Sunday on safari game watching rides around lake Nakuru, you can see lots of animals from very close distance, the part that I don’t enjoy too much is that you cannot leave the jeep and walk for obvious reasons 🙂 But at least we had lot of fun in the jeep, but I haven’t seen any lion, so we had to pretend there is one – picture below 🙂

Three working days are over, we spent major part of the days at university. I enjoy working with my team. As you might have noticed in news, Nairobi experienced some issues with security, so we were worried if the lecturers – mobile apps experts would arrive (from UK and US) for this week workshop, but fortunately enough they came and they are doing great job. Students are working in teams on developing their mobile applications and business plans. I keep my mind pretty busy. And whoever says, that running away doesn’t solve anything is wrong, getting away from the usual place, work, life is like looking at my life in some movie, suddenly I see things I didn’t see before or from different angle. But haven’t decided yet if that findings make me happy or if I have to change something. I guess the other..  🙂

The lion secretly watching us


Cycling in the Hell’s Gate


Buffalo looking bored



Andrew being a bit bossy 🙂



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